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Our current back catalogue is available direct from Klanggalerie and Factory Benelux and other good sellers.

Our latest releases Duette and Elektra are available from Klanggalerie.

The Factory Benelux back catalogue includes Dark Light [FBN 145 CD], From The Hip (30th Anniversary Edition) [FBN 33 CD], upcoming Record Store Day single Reflection (Young Image) and Love and Hate [FBN 45 CD].

All available to buy direct via Factory Benelux Mailorder. Watch out for the From The Hip T-Shirt too.

Selected items from our LTM back catalogue are also still available via LTM Mailorder.

See the Discography for details of more albums including the long-deleted and very rare Factory Records releases.

Section 25 @ Klanggalerie

Section 25 @ Factory Benelux