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Factory Benelux presents an expanded and remastered 3xLP vinyl set for Record Store Day 2021 (17 July drop) in a limited edition of 800 copies. This pioneering elecro classic from 1984 is now augmented with singles, remixes and session tracks and is housed in a deluxe trifold sleeve directed by Peter Saville, with each disc pressed in a complementary colour: orange, blue and silver.

All tracks are newly re-mastered in 2020 by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works. Includes MP3 digital copy.

Disc 1

A1. The Process
A2. Looking From a Hilltop
A3. Reflection
A4. Prepare to Live

B1. Program For Light
B2. Desert
B3. Beneath the Blade
B4. Inspiration

Disc 2

C1. Looking From a Hilltop (Megamix)
C2. Another Hilltop (Stephen Morris Mix)

D1. Crazy Wisdom
D2. Dirty Disco II
D3. The Guitar Waltz
D4. Bad News Week

Disc 3

E1. Beating Heart (Remix)
E2. Back to Wonder
E3. Sakura
E4. Slinky

F1. Looking From a Hilltop (BBC Session)
F2. Reflection (BBC Session)
F3. Warhead (BBC Session)
F4. Program for Light (Outernationale Mix)

Release date: 17 July 2021

The album is available to buy now via Factory Benelux Mailorder.

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