Section 25
Section 25

Discography > FACT 45C Always Now

Release date

September 1981


Friendly Fires
Dirty Disco
Loose Talk (costs lives)
Inside Out
Melt Close

Babies in the Bardo
Be Brave
New Horizon


Written by Section 25
Produced by Martin Hannett
Engineer John Caffrey
Recorded at Brittania Row
Disegnatori: Grafica Industria e typografica berthold

Published by Relevant Music
A Factory Records Products
A Factory Cassette

Design: Graphica Industria
Marbled paper No. 928 Reproduction authorisee par La Ste. Keller - Dorian Papiers, France

- -

The first Section 25 album features a tour de force cover by Peter Saville which in true Factory style cost a fortune to produce due to the construction costs and the licensing of the marbled print card.

FACT 45C Always Now, boxed cassette inlay front