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Discography \ Retrofit [FBN 140]

Catalogue number

FBN 140 [Factory Benelux]

Release date

15 September 2023

Recorded before the untimely death of Larry Cassidy in February 2010, Retrofit sees the group revisit 10 key tracks from their extensive back catalogue, remade and remodelled for the 21st Century using an appropriate mix of new and old technology, and closing with a compelling re-boot of Looking From a Hilltop by New Order member Stephen Morris. Retrofit also includes an exclusive new track, Uberhymn.

Vinyl tracklisting

Side A

A1. The Process
A2. Looking From a Hilltop
A3. Beating Heart
A4. Reflection (Young Image)

Side B

B1. Dirty Disco
B2. Girls Don't Count
B3. New Horizon
B4. Wretch

Digital tracklisting

1. The Process
2. Looking From a Hilltop
3. Beating Heart
4. Desert
5. Uberhymn
6. Garageland
7. Dirty Disco
8. Girls Don't Count
9. New Horizon
10. Wretch
11. Another Hilltop (Morris Mix)

Cover art by Beth Cassidy.

In 2023, Factory Benelux presents an orange vinyl edition. Only 500 copies will be pressed. This is the first time 'Retrofit' has been available on vinyl. Vinyl copies come with a free digital copy (supplied to customers via link sent by email) featuring extra tracks.

Also available: 4LP set of limited edition vinyl pressings of Part-Primitiv (FBN 130, 180g heavyweight black vinyl), Nature + Degree (FBN 135, purple vinyl), Retrofit (FBN 140, orange vinyl) and Dark Light (FBN 145, crystal clear vinyl). All albums with digital copy plus signed postcard and a bonus copy of the FBN 124 Alfresco live package.

Available to buy direct via Burning Shed.

Retrofit [FBN 140]