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From The Hip (FBN 33 3LP)

Factory Benelux presents an expanded and remastered 3xLP vinyl set for Record Store Day 2021 in a limited edition of 800 copies.

Jams From The Bardo

Jams From The Bardo is an archival collection of previously unreleased rehearsal room recordings from 1979 to 1981 out now via Klanggalerie.


Section 25's Vienna show from October 2019 is receiving a release as a live CD album 'Duette' via the Klanggalerie label. Section 25 formed in Blackpool in November 1977 and initially they were a duo, consisting of brothers Larry and Vincent Cassidy. The band are now down to being a duo again consisting of Vincent Cassidy and Steven Stringer.

Elektra [sold out]

'Elektra', the new album by Section 25 is out now via Austrian label Klang Galerie on CD and all major download platforms. This is the band's 8th studio album and shows a welcome return to an old S25 work ethic of tracks recorded in one take and plenty of improvisation.

Dark Light [FBN 145 CD]

Dark Light is the eighth studio album by post-punk trailblazers Section 25 - their first since the tragic loss of founder Larry Cassidy in 2010, and which signals a return to the smooth electro and synth-pop textures first explored on their 1984 album From The Hip. These echoes are amplified by the presence of co-vocalists Beth and Jo Cassidy, along with a cover image by iconic artist/designer Peter Saville.

From The Hip (30th Anniversary Edition) [FBN 33 CD]

30th anniversary digipack edition of From The Hip, the pioneering 1984 electro album produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order. The original 1984 album appears on Disc 1 along with bonus tracks including both 12" versions of Looking From A Hilltop, as well as singles Dirty Disco II, Beating Heart and Back To Wonder. Disc 2 features a raft of previously unreleased material, including a 1984 BBC radio session, five tracks from the original album demo in 1983, a re-boot of Hilltop produced by Stephen Morris of New Order, and a brand new recording of Reflection by the current iteration of the group. Liner notes include text by Vin Cassidy and Jon Savage.

Reflection (Young Image)

Factory Benelux presents Reflection (Young Image), the brand new single by Section 25, issued in a special limited edition of just 500 copies in orange vinyl to mark Record Store Day on 19 April 2014. Taken from the forthcoming release From The Hip (30th Anniversary Edition), Reflection is a brand new version of this driving dream-pop anthem. Flipside Change is exclusive to this 7" single and will not be made available elsewhere. The fluorescent artwork (Pantone 021 C) and packaging is based on original designs by Peter Saville for the classic 1984 club single Looking From A Hilltop.

Love and Hate [FBN 45 CD]

Remastered edition of the fourth studio album originally issued by Factory Records in 1988. Recorded in 1986 by Larry and Jenny Cassidy after the original group splintered, the self-produced album explores both electronic and acoustic terrain. The seven bonus tracks include both remixes of Bad News Week by Bernard Sumner of New Order, released as a Factory maxi single. FBN single Crazy Wisdom also features (produced by Sumner with Donald Johnson of ACR), along with several previously unreleased demo tracks and remixes.

All available to buy direct via Factory Benelux Mailorder.

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