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Discography > FACT 160 Love and Hate

Release date

March 1988


Sweet Forgiveness
Conquer Me
Sprinkling Petals into Hell
The Last Man in Europe
Bad News Week
Tim Lick My Knees
Shit Creek No Paddle



Engineered by Phil Ault
Produced by Larry Cassidy
Additional Guitar by Dave Crabtree
Additional Drums by Stewart Hilton
Design / Artwork by A.S.K. Design Co
Photos by Ian Tilton

17 Alternative Titles.

It'll be ready in two weeks - Dance if you can - Woodentops go apeshit - I'll ring you back - Speyn - Have you got a problem you want me to iron out - Rhythm Chief - Spiritual Criminal fights back in Love dilemma - Infatuation - With sex on their minds....... - J'accuse - I'll let you know - Clever Dick - Young Urban Proletariat - Duck Head

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FACT 160 Love and Hate

Assembled sketches developed from doodles
Some thoughts Jenny had on Love & Hate:
"These are a mixture of tracks; some developed from riffs which would inevitably crop up whilst we were jamming, as far back as the three of us, Larry, myself and Vin in Larry's attic bedroom, with views of far out into the countryside through one window and way over to a busy, hippish at the time, pub through the other (though during the summer this one tantalisingly obscured action slightly.)
"I always thought, depending on the collective mood of the group at any given time, our music either meandered melodically or attacked frenziedly, the more ferocious of the two being demonstrated in the main at gigs or taped band rehearsals and which I never felt quite came out in recording sessions at a studio. It was an altogether different flavour once on vinyl. This bothered me and I was never heard to be completely satisfied with the result.
"However more than 10 years on, I wonder whether we tapped into something specifically because the germ of our music could not be pinpointed. The lyrics sought out an understanding and left a struggle. Can one be confused and enlightened? No I hear a million voices (I'm rather hopeful there with the number) hum in unison. Ah well climb to far up your own bum and you reach shit!"
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